Our brief history, our goals & motivation

Who We Are ?

We are PT COMAC MULTI INDUSTRI, a company registered in Batam, Indonesia.  Since 2016, we've manufacturing Aluminum Anode.  We have obtained approval by BKI for Product Type and Quality Management System ISO9001:2015 by DNV – GL.

What We Do ?

Our major business is doing manufacturing anodes.  Driven by our purpose to transform and deliver anode across the nation, we do manufacturing by class recommended practices (DNV-GL) for Sacrificial Anode, conduct research and development to create high quality Anode and visit ship to tests her Corrosion Protection Condition either before or after docking in term to provide recommendation of protection needs to Ship Owners.

Why We Do ?

We produce anode due to our distributor experience found un-clear things related to cathode protection, consist of:
1. Why anode is not sacrificed enough and ship rusty
2. No clear clarification and how to test it. In other condition, ship owners more and more understand anode function and intend to test prior to dock ship
We aim to create fair and sustainable value in everything we undertake, both for ourselves and clients

How We Do ?

To produce anode, we use local resources in term to develop local products and human capital, improve them life quality, create jobs, complying Class recommended practices (DNV-GL), work with quality management system and participate to the Indonesian economy.


We support and distribute anodes collaborate with our own ship equipment distributors (PT. WILLINTON CIPTAPRIMA and PT. WILTAMA MEGAPRIMA).

Some of the partners & clients
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